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Hi everybody,

Welcome to Dien Bien Phu - Viet Nam!

I would like to provide tours and experienced English speaking tourguide

Tourist Program


(3 days 2 nights)

Day 1:

9.00 am Meeting at the crossing border and transfer to Dien Bien phu city. On the way coming with stop over and visit Hoang Cong Chat temple where worships a hero of 18th century who co -ordinate with local ethnic minority people against foreign aggression and liberated Muong Thanh region.

10.30 Get to Dien Bien phu city. Check in hotel, lunch and taking a short rest.

13.30 Drive to visit the Dien Bien phu historical relics: the battle cemetery, museum where displays historical happenings in the war between French and Vietnamese army in 1954. Continue to visit some Frenchs positions: hill A1, Muong Thanh Bridge, General De Castris bunker and artillery base nearby and victory memorable statue on the D1 hill.

16.30 Back to hotel, then drive to visit one Thais village. Walking around and meet local people to exchange custom, life style

Dinner on the stilt house, then traditional shows should be performed with full of its own Specific cultural characteristics: desire drinking, Xoe dancing, Sap skipping round night flame.

Back to hotel to have a good night sleep.

Day 2:

Breakfast at 7.00

8.00 am: Take a long journey 36 kms to visit the headquarters of Viet Nam army during 1954. Walking through the forest to visit some bunkers where Gen Vo Nguyen Giap and his commander in chief worked.

On the way back with stop over in sightseeing Pang Khoang reservoir with its beauty of landscape among natural forest.

Lunch at the restaurant by the lake.

Back to Dien Bien Phu city. Doing local market. It is a place which good for shopping.

Dinner and freely.

Day 3:

7.30 Breakfast at hotel

8.00 Check out the hotel and transfer to Tay Trang crossing border for checking at the custom house and transit to Laos.

Trip ends



-       Hotel: Dien Bien Phu Ha Noi Hotel (2 star comfort hotel)

-       English speaking tour guide: Mr. Hoan (+84912053312)

-       Restaurant: Hotel, Thai village, other restaurant

-       Drinking & personal buy, telephone in room are excluded (personal payment)

-       Transportation is arranged from Laos transit